We accept admissions all year round.

We are open Monday to Friday 8.45am till 2.45pm term time

Available sessions…

9 am – 12 noon (£11.25)

9 am – 2 pm (£18.75)

9 am – 2.45pm (£21.56)

8.45 am – 2.45 pm (£22.50)

11.45 am – 2.45 pm (£11.25)


A packed lunch is required for children staying after 12pm.  This also includes the afternoon session (11:45 am – 2:45 pm)


The new prices from sept 22 are
9-12 £12
9-2 £20
9-2.45 £23
8.45-2.45 £24
11.45-2.45 £12
Opening times are 8am till 2.45pm

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    Admission to playgroup is on a first come first served basis.

    Your child can start anytime throughout the year. They can start the day after their 2nd birthday.

    The Playgroup accepts childcare vouchers as payment for your child’s fees, please check with your employer whether they are part of the scheme.

    Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or directly into the playgroup bank account.

    Your child may be entitled to 30 hour funded if you meet the criteria, please see the following for more information

    Two year funding is available for families who are in receipt of income support. Families who are in receipt of INCOME SUPPORT, INCOME BASED JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE, AN INCOME-RELATED EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT ALLOWANCE, SUPPORT UNDER PART VI OF THE IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM ACT 1999, THE GUARANTEE ELEMENT OF STATE PENSION CREDIT, CHILD TAX CREDIT (BUT NOT WORKING TAX CREDIT WITH ANNUAL INCOME LESS THAN £16,190) may be eligible for an assisted place. Claim forms are available from Playgroup staff.

    All children attending playgroup are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education in the term AFTER their 3rd birthday.

    For example:

    • 1st Sept—31st Dec your child will be eligible from the Spring Term starting January
    • 1st Jan—31st March your child will be eligible from the Summer Starting April
    • 1st April—31st Aug your child will be eligible from the Autumn Term starting Sept